I’ve thought the better of today’s post

Published March 31, 2015 by Iphis of Scyros

I was originally going to write a little story called “An April Without a Fool” about life in a little town where a young boy obsessed with practical jokes drives everyone crazy every April, until he and all his friends go off to war, and after he comes back–and a lot of his friends don’t–then he doesn’t feel like pulling pranks anymore, and the town breathes a sigh of relief at not being bothered for once.  It occurred to me that it might sound like I was passing judgement on people who like to post April Fool’s Day jokes, so I decided not to write it.  (Actually, the point was supposed to be both an explanation of why I, personally, don’t do it, and a reminder that one doesn’t need to do it.  However, I’m pretty sure my metaphor was going to be too heavy-handed and was going to make my message look worse than it was.)

Instead, I thought I’d talk about my plans for April on the blog.  As I’ve said before, I’m doing the Blogging-A-to-Z Challenge, so every day–except Sundays–will be about a Greek myth/mythical figure, based on the letter of the day.  Of course, there are some question marks still.  Like what to do about letters that English has and Greek doesn’t.  And whether I should do extra myth re-tellings or just discussions.

So, let me ask a few questions of anyone who reads this.

  1. Would you rather a telling of one of the myths about Eos, or a discussion of what little we know about Aias’ son Eurysakes?  (And maybe also talking about what I do differently with him in my YAish novels.)
  2. Would you rather a re-telling of the myth of (the death of) Icarus, or a discussion of Iphis, Patroclos’ oft-ignored slave girl?  (Oft-ignored by modern scholarship, I mean.  No idea if Patroclos often ignored her or what.)
  3. Since there’s no Q in Greek, would you rather a discussion of queens (which might get archaeological and theoretical as well as mythological) or would you rather sub in a letter Greek has that English doesn’t, like Phi or Theta?
  4. While the letter U is certainly present in Greek, I couldn’t find any significant names starting with it.  Would you prefer a discussion of a U-word theme, like underground or underworld, or sub in another letter?  (Or, theoretically, I suppose I could talk about the Ulysses, the Roman name for Odysseus, and how it bugs the smeg out of me to see people still using it.)  Or I could fudge it and talk about Ouranos, since the more familiar spelling is Uranus.
  5. There’s no V, either.  So I can talk about Virgil and the Aeneid, or I could sub in a Greek letter with no English equivalent, like Phi or Theta.  (I’d suggest Psi, but I can’t (off-hand) recall any names starting with it.  Phi and Theta have lots of choices.)
  6. No Y, either.  And Y comes on a Wednesday, which makes everything more complicated, since that’s Words Crush Wednesday, and therefore needs to be a quote.  So I could find a quote about something Y-word related–youth, for example–or look for the ancient Greek equivalent of a “your momma” fight, or I could look for a modern(ish) author with a Y-name who’s written something about Greek myths, and quote that.  Or, again, I could sub in another letter.  But there are only two handy sub-in choices, and four on this list as letters that could be subbed out, so…
  7. Also, in general, would you prefer discussions or myth re-tellings?  The re-tellings would be longer, but probably more entertaining to read for those who aren’t serious mythology geeks like myself.  (Though some days get discussions, no matter what, and some days get myths, no matter what.  But there are some that could go either way, so I thought I’d ask.)

Anyway, the first of these doesn’t become an issue until Monday the 6th, so it’s not a rush to get answers.  And, after all, I can always fudge my way through on my own.  It’s just that if people would rather the tale of Icarus and I write a discussion of Iphis, then I’ve wasted a lot of both my own time and everyone else’s, so…if you’ve got opinions, please let me know.

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