Missing Letter Monday – No “U”

Published October 19, 2015 by Iphis of Scyros

Today’s Post

In today’s post, I can’t address my listener (reader) directly.
I can’t mention the king’s wife.
(All English “Q” words are off the table, in point of fact.)
There are so many Romans and Greeks I can’t mention by name.
(Yet I can speak of the Odyssey and the Iliad,
So long as I leave the heroes’ names alone.)
I can mention Telamonian Aias, yet not his brother.
Patroclos is fine — in many ways — so long as I don’t try the Roman spelling.

Yes, I have no topic.
So I’m addressing what I can’t do today.

I need to be reading.
I have homework.
(Don’t I always?)

Gibberish is only going to get me so far.

How many words are a post?
Can I stop now, or is more necessary?

I need to be reading.
San Martin is still failing to liberate that nation
(Whose name I can’t say in today’s post)
And the book will follow him even after he goes into exile.
I’m not positive we need to know that part,
However it was assigned,
So I’ll read it.
Pointless as it may be.

Yeah, it’s getting late.

I’m going to get to work.


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