Missing Letter Monday – No “P”

Published March 14, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

I’m sorry.  I’m too worried about the test results to be able to write anything new or clever this week.

I really, really want the doctor to call me this afternoon or tomorrow and say that it came back negative, and that I don’t have MS.

I shouldn’t have read about the disease.  Seeing all that…I’ve been crying a lot, thinking about all I might have to go through in the future.

I really shouldn’t have read all that.

MLM icon init MLM P


2 comments on “Missing Letter Monday – No “P”

    • The waiting is definitely painful. (Though the results could be worse…) When I got home this afternoon from working on cataloging that incredible Disney collection for the museum, I was still in the process of getting the groceries put away when I heard the phone ring. I rushed for it in the hopes it was the doctor (hopefully with good news) and when it turned out to be my brother, I almost said “oh, it’s only you” and asked him to call back later. (Thankfully, I didn’t do anything that rude. Especially since he was calling to let me know the CDs he ordered from Japan had come in, two of which were actually things I’d asked him to order. (Well, I say “two” but it’s actually eight, ’cause one is a two disc set, and the other is a six disc set. (And yet the latter about half the price of the former!)))

      Whatever the results, I’ll be sure to post them. Or rather, if the test comes back positive, I’ll probably come whimpering to the Internet for a virtual shoulder to cry on…


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