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Published May 1, 2019 by Iphis of Scyros

So, basically, I still have had no time for, you know, writing.  Because I’m still in my final semester of grad school.  Final paper due in a bit over two weeks.  I plan to start doing a lot of writing again once I’m free.  Also to start blogging again.  So next month I should have a real post for IWSG.

Can’t say I’m feeling too good about myself as a writer right now, though.  This last class is on the history of 19th century Europe, and we’ve been reading novels from the 19th century as well as history texts, to give us a real feel for the period.  After reading so many novels in such a short period from Goethe, Stendhal, Dickens, Flaubert, Zola and Dostoevsky, it’s hard to accept one’s own pathetic talents again, y’know?  And yes, I know it’s neither helpful nor a good idea to compare oneself to other authors (especially people on the genius scale) but it’s also hard not to.  Once I get done with class I’m going to go back over the reading list and see how many of the books will work for the Read Harder Challenge this year and write up reports on them for the blog, btw.  (I know at least one does…)

Meanwhile, I have some more suggestions for other writers looking for something to write about.  In a word:  history.  Most major events presented with historical accuracy are so complex that they don’t even need embellishment to be full of plot twists and excitement.  I think in the past I’ve already suggested the wars of independence fought by the Spanish colonies in South America, but now I can add a few more that are just begging for a thorough, blow-by-blow treatment:  the Congress of Vienna in 1814 and the Siege of Paris/Commune de Paris in 1870-1.  These would also be really great for long, involved television treatments, having all the backstabbing and violence Game of Thrones fans want, and the former presenting a lot of opportunities to cast a hot guy and pretend a gross historical figure was sexy treatment a la The Tudors.  (Amusingly, I’m actually planning a Congress of Vienna historical alternate universe fan fiction for a movie that happens to star the guy who would later be cast in The Tudors…)

And, just in case anyone reads this who writes for Hollywood, and/or happens to know a screenwriter, there’s a movie someone needs to make.  Er, maybe I should rephrase that.  There’s a movie I really, really, really want someone to make.  I only have part of the set-up, though.  It’s about a Beatles-like band with Rolling Stones-like longevity, so they’re still recording together by the 1980s.  Only two of them are lovers, and so obviously the main focus of the plot is about someone from the press finding out that they’re gay, or stopping someone from the press finding out, or whatever.  Three requirements:  it can’t have a tragic ending (they don’t break up, neither of them dies or contracts AIDS, etc.), one of them has to be played by Ewan McGregor, and the other has to be played by Christian Bale.  Oh, and they have to have an on-screen kiss.  Because they didn’t kiss in Velvet Goldmine, and I’m very frustrated by that.  Bonus points if Ewan’s character is actually Scottish, because the poor man never gets to use his natural accent in movies!  (Seriously, has he played any Scottish characters outside of the Trainspotting movies?  I can’t think of any.)  Double bonus points if Christian Bale’s character is from Manchester; I loved that accent.

4 comments on “IWSG – Almost There!

  • Good luck on your final paper. And no do not go down that route. You can love other authors. Admire them. Like or dislike some of them. But you cannot compare yourself. Because when you look at it, same as you, they all had to pick up a pen and write the stories inside them out.


  • You’re so right about historical events not needing any embellishment. I never understood why so many people whine about history being boring and irrelevant. Neither do I understand the trend to spice up hist-fic about real people by inventing things that never happened, and radically changing the people themselves. They’re compelling enough already!

    Good luck with your final paper.


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