Happy Pride Month!

Published June 14, 2019 by Iphis of Scyros

(Okay, yes, I know, the month is almost half over.  But better late than never, yes?)

My Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp character, Chibi (in Black Lady form because I’m still jazzed they added stuff so I could transform her into her evil adult form), in her Pride Garden.

Since I don’t really have a lot to say right now, I thought I’d randomly present a post of LGBTQ+/Pride-related Kickstarters that are currently running.  Because it gives me something to post about.

Some of these are projects I’m backing, some are ones I haven’t decided about yet, some I’m not interested in, and I wouldn’t call any of this an “endorsement” as such.  I just want to spread the Pride.  Listed by end date, with the ones that will end first being listed first.  (Disclaimer:  a lot of these are enamel pins.  That’s not my bias; that’s just how it is.  I actually left off some for various reasons (too focused on a single group within the LGBT community, too vague, too angry, too meme-dependent, et cetera) but they still dominate the list.  Kickstarter has a vibrant enamel pin community.  Too vibrant:  I now have way too many pins in my life, and far fewer dollars than I’d prefer…)  All the pictures below belong to their respective campaigns.  Click on the picture to go to the campaign.

Ends on June 14:

 Funhouse Frights 2:  “An 18+ NSFW comic series where a twisted fun house transforms into the kinky desires of it’s pass holders, and you’re invited!” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 15:

 ‘Con Pride Enamel Pin Series:  Pride-flag colored enamel pins for Transformers fans.

 Happenstance Episode Three:  “The third installment to Happenstance, an award-winning web series about a successful, young and gay male.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 16:

 LGBTQ+ Kissing Unicorn Acrylic Pins:  “An LGBTQ inclusive line of acrylic pins that focus on the beauty of different sexualities within relationships.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 18:

 Greek Orthodox LGBT Film:  “Κύριε ἐλέησον (Translated: Lord Have Mercy) A short film about a Greek Orthodox LGBT girl.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 21:

 Witches Brew:  “A Fantasy, Crafting, Roleplay game. Play as the local witch trying to establish her place in town by helping the local villagers.” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)  Contains lesbian romance.  And I think it has NSFW content, too.

 Queer Dragpaca Pins – The Dragon Alpacas of RRC:  “Queer pin set featuring my critters, the Dragpacas!”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

 Gaysper and Friends, Fighting Hate, One Sticker at a Time:  “A series of Vinyl, Waterproof Stickers in support of LGBTQ+. Let’s fight hate with stickers….cover your town!” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 22:

 Shame or Honour:  “Raising money for film production.  Two, young Muslim gay men have an eventful first date at a night club, following a terrorist attack.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 28:

 After I Met That Catgirl My Questlist Got Too Long!:  the title sounds like a Japanese light novel, but it’s actually an RPG with strong visual novel components (or a visual novel with strong RPG components?) and it hails from Belgium.  Qualifies for this list because all its romance elements are lesbian ones.  The character design is a bit much, but the RPG part looks solid.  Contains NSFW elements.

 Botanical Love: A Pride Themed Enamel Pin Set:  subtle enamel pins of flowers with Pride flag colors (the subtlety being for those who are closeted so they may remain closeted but still show their pride) and pronoun pins.

 Morningdew Farms: part farming simulator (more simple than Stardew Valley, though) and part gay dating sim, with a heavy emphasis on NSFW content.  Very tongue-in-cheek text.

 Elliot, 2009:  “LGBTQ+ Short. During the Great Recession, 11yo Elliot creates a refuge for self expression & queer exploration inside foreclosed homes.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

 Soulfire:  Book One of the Soulfire Chronicles:  “An LGBTQ Upper Middle Grade Fantasy Novel”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

 Stop Going to Homophobic Churches:  The Sticker:  “Remind church goers that attending a church that doesn’t affirm queer people is bad and they should stop.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 29:

 Tripping Over You volume 5:  this is for the physical edition of a charming webcomic about a two young men who go from friends to lovers over the course of the early volumes.  I discovered this series with the previous volume’s Kickstarter, and I really love it.  It’s sweet and funny without being saccharine or feeling phony.

 Trade Winds Ensemble in Detroit:  “TWE in Detroit, working with students at the Ruth Ellis Center (a residence for at-risk and homeless LGBTQ+ youth) and planning ahead.” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on June 30:

 The Invasion of Big Angry Red:  this is funding a children’s book called The Invasion of Big Angry Red.   It’s a sequel to another children’s book, The Boy with the Rainbow Heart.

 PRIDE IN SPACE! Enamel Pins:  space-themed enamel pins with Pride flags.  (The thumbnail only shows the standard rainbow Pride flag, but there are other flags awaiting unlocking.)

 Blind to See:  “I plan to produce a short film drama about faith and LGBT. This is the first British Sign Language (BSL) film on this subject.” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 1:

Pride Pins:  enamel pins of cute animals holding Pride flags.  The flags are screen-printed on, so every animal can carry every flag.  And there are a crazy number of animals available, plus the option of commissioning new ones.  I think every enamel pin collector on Kickstarter who even vaguely intersects with LGBTQ+ (even as an Ally) is backing this.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many backers for a pin Kickstarter before.

  Hero Pride:  enamel pins of superhero masks colored to fit various different Pride flags.

 Sappho’s Hands:  enamel pins showing hands, each with a quote from Sappho.  (Which I had to include because Sappho.)

 Pride Heart Emoji Enamel Pin Set:  hearts with Pride flags and two little gold “sparkles” on them.  (Not sure what makes them “emoji” exactly…)

 Gamer Pride Pins:  enamel pins in the shape of cute gaming console controllers and handheld systems (all with little smiling faces on them) in the colors of various Pride flags.  As a gamer, I have to admit to being tempted by this, except I’m also sort of frustrated that I have no control over which console my flags represent.  (Ace is a SNES controller, which is fine by me, since the Super Nintendo was the birthplace of some of the greatest games of all time,  but why is Aromantic a Game and Watch?  Ack.  Also, why is the Playstation not represented?  That was the first console I ever owned, and a lot of great RPGs were born on the various Playstation systems.  If the Aromantic pin was a PS1 controller, I’d probably be all over this.)

Ends on July 2:

 Samsara, Volume 4:  “The new chapter of Lasse and Mason’s story: joined by everlasting love, pulled apart by fate.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 3:

 My Universe is You Enamel Pins:  another “sequel” Kickstarter campaign, this time funding a Sapphic version of an earlier pin, as well as funding a reprint (as it were) of the earlier pin.

 Pride Birds Enamel Pin Set:  enamel pins of birds colored to match Pride flags.

 LGBT D&D:  stickers and enamel pins in the shape of 20-sided dice, with the colors of Pride flags and text identifying which flag is represented.  The gradient colors shown on the mock-up designs can’t be done on enamel pins except as screen printing; I’m not sure if they plan on using screen printing, or if these are the sticker versions and the enamel pins will have sharply delineated stripes.

Ends on July 4:

 LGBT+ Pride Moths:  enamel pins of moths colored to match Pride flags.

Ends on July 5:

 Flora Borealis:  “An animated short about two gay men struggling with depression in a ruined environment, and a botanical glassblower mourning his wife.” (Quoted from their description because it’s getting late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 7:

 Help. – LGBTQ Short Film:  “Follow the life of Alex in this melodrama short film about a pre-op MTF transkid.”  (Quoted from their description because it’s getting late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 8:

 Pride Cake Enamel Pins:  cake slices colored like Pride flags, in order to make some Pride merch that was low key enough that people with homophobic family members can show their pride without being harassed by their own family.  Some of these designs are making me hungry…

Ends on July 9:

 Pride Pins:  rainbow Pride pins based on the NASA logo.  This campaign has something I’ve never seen before:  the pins are being sold at their cost (which is about $1 per, because they have a large order size, the pins are pretty small (1″) and they’re using soft enamel, which is cheaper (and less attractive, IMHO) than hard enamel) because their goal is not to make money, but to produce as many pins as possible, with the intention of distributing them either free or at cost to students and young scientists in the space science field, to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people and allies in that field.

Ends on July 10:

 Fusion Man:  The Birth of a Superhero:  “Fusion Man is here! A gay superhero for all ages. Discover the mystery of Fusion Man’s origins in a new comic book.” (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

 Crush:  First Love, New Talent:  “A comics anthology from up and coming queer comics creators about those first forays into romance.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 11:

 Pixel Pride Pants & Skirts:  pants and skirts with Pride flag colors.  I hadn’t seen this one until I ran a search for “Pride” to do this post.  These are really cute.  Too bad I don’t wear skirts and haven’t got the courage to wear such flashy pants…

 The Prometheite:  A Lesbian Tragedy:  “A reimagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a lesbian romance.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 12:

 Closet Door Hard Enamel Pins:  hinged pins showing a closet door (either reading “Ready!” or “Open When Ready!”) on the outside, and a closet interior colored to match a Pride flag on the inside.

Ends on July 13:

 LGBTQ Hard Enamel Pins Pride Flames:  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen these before today.  Cute little flame-creatures colored to match the Pride flags.  Even has a Straight Ally pin (frequently skipped) which is really cute.

 China’s LGBTQ Culture in Fashion:  LYAN SS20:  “Smashing the cultural taboo of being openly gay in China. A non-labelled androgynous collection.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 15:

 Pride Mural in a City of Churches:  seeking funding for a LGBT-friendly mural in Fort Wayne, IN, partially in honor of this being the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Ends on July 18:

 Hot & Bothered:  Season 2:  “What does an inclusive black LGBT space in Dayton Ohio look like? Guess it’s time to find out!” (Quoted from their campaign page as it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on July 19:

 LGBT+ Pride Bracelets:  bracelets made of semi-precious stone beads in the colors of Pride flags.

Ends on July 23:

 Synthetic Lover:  a visual novel about a synthetic being (seems to be akin to Blade Runner‘s replicants, only with more biological components) whose function was as a male prostitute when one of his customers accidentally grants him full sentience.  There are two (non-synthetic) men he can get involved with romantically in the game.

Ends on July 25:

 Roots of Our Pride Enamel Pin Series:  a series of Pride flag-themed pins in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.  The initial goal pin is based on the all-inclusive Pride theme, which adds brown and black stripes to the standard rainbow in honor of people of color, and adds the pastel blue/pink/white of the trans flag as well.

Ends on July 30:

 The Accords:  The LGBT/Ally Comic Book we Need:  “The Accords comic book is a political/psychological/metaphysical action packed Avengers like comic birthed from current events.”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

Ends on August 9:

 Rainbow Quest, LGBT Board Game:  “Engaging, affirming, educational, and FUN! Perfect for any GSA or school or just for fun! For all ages, genders, and orientations !”  (Quoted from their campaign page because it’s late and I’m tired.)

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