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Published November 29, 2019 by Iphis of Scyros

So, in my post yesterday, I said I only had a wordcount for the day of 440.

That turned out not to be true.

You see, after I posted that, I was poking around looking at stuff about this year’s Yuletide fanfiction exchange challenge.  Specificially, I was looking to see if there were any requests for Velvet Goldmine stories that I could actually write as a treat, since I didn’t sign up to take part in the regular exchange.  (Even more specifically, I was hoping for requests that said more than “anything Curt/Arthur” which is kind of what they’ve said lately, which is not enough to give me any inspiration, because that’s pretty much all I write in that fandom already.)

And I found one where the requester suggested a fusion, combining Velvet Goldmine with one of the other movies from the very diverse filmographies of Ewan McGregor or Christian Bale.  At first, I thought I was supposed to fuse three fandoms, one for each of them, but after realizing it was just Velvet Goldmine and one other, I was like “hmm…”

…and after thinking about it a while, popped Henry V into the Blu-ray player (though it’s only a DVD) and by the time it was done, I was so fired up that I sat down and wrote a 2,748 word story that added a minstrel-turned-soldier named Curt and changed the name of Falstaff’s squire from Robin (not that the name was actually used in Henry V anyway) to Arthur.  (And, obviously, I also changed the ending a bit, because it would suck if Curt wasn’t able to save him from the French.  Even if that means King Hal doesn’t get to carry around such a pretty corpse at the end of the battle.)  Ironically, despite my utter failure to use Shakespearean language, I did manage to use some dialog from the play, including at least one of the Boy’s lines that was not used in the film.  (Seriously, the nameless role of “Boy” had at least three times as much dialog in the play than in the movie, despite how much screentime he had in the film.  Which is kind of hilarious when you consider how his career has turned out.)

So now my total for the month is 53,612, and it’s actually today that gets a big old zero on the chart, because I looked at the other fandoms I could write for and didn’t see any requests I wanted to work with.  (Most of the fandoms I wanted to work with weren’t even on the list.  Depressing in the case of Hail, Caesar! since that was definitely not excluded due to having too many fics already.  (In fact, it hasn’t had a new story posted on AO3 since 2018!  But I’ll be changing that…uh…sometime next year…))

This was a really bizarre exercise (and I will be posting it with an official apology to Shakespeare, naturally), but I really enjoyed doing it.  I’d love to do more of them, but the other two I have in mind would be harder to do:

  1. Exactly ten years after Henry V, Christian Bale traded the small-but-memorable Shakespearean role of the most beautiful boy since Atreyu for the large-but-utterly-forgettable role of one of the human lovers in Midsummer’s Night Dream.  I’d love to do a fusion with that one, too, but rather than requiring minor tweaks, it would require an utter reworking of the story.  If his character (whichever one he was; I need to re-watch it) already understood himself to be gay (or rather that period’s understanding of same), did he flee into the forest that night to escape impending marriage?  Or maybe the story of the play went off basically the same, only he ended up miserable in his married life despite (or because of?) the love potion the fairies applied to him?  And what’s Curt’s role?  Is he one of the players?  Someone who hadn’t come into town yet?  Was Arthur headed into the forest to find him?  Or is he one of the fairies?  (That would kind of be appropriate, actually, given there’s a line in the movie about the electroshock treatment he was forced to endure, and how it was supposed to “burn the fairy clean out of him.”  Also given his recording an album with an artist named Jack Fairy.)  So, maybe it needs a huge alteration, maybe it just needs to act as an epilogue after minor tweaks.  Not sure.  I’ll have to watch it again and see.
  2. A few years before Velvet Goldmine — the same year as trainspotting, in fact — Ewan had a very memorable role in Emma, and I’ve been wanting to see a Jane Austen-style romance turned on its head by two of the men turning out to be gay for years.  But it wouldn’t be that simple in the case of Emma.  Because it also featured Toni Colette, who was also in Velvet Goldmine, as the wife whose husband was cheating on her with Curt.  (Okay, well, that makes it sound like it was a secret.  It was literally publicized, and she was okay with it, for the most part.)  That actually annoyed me, when Emma tried to set her up with Ewan’s character, because Curt and Mandy are not supposed to be together!  *ahem*  Anyway, so if I was going to fuse Velvet Goldmine with Emma, I would have to add Brian to the mix, since his wife is already there.  Of course, that also complicates things, since everyone gets neatly paired off in Jane Austen novels, and the man Toni’s character married was about as far from Brian as you can get.  I think this one would have to be a less literal fusion and more just a Jane Austen-style period piece.  Which would, of course, require a heck of a lot of research.

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