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My daily routine

Published October 14, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

It varies by the day of the week, like for most people….though not in the same way that it does for most people.


  1. I get up.  The timing varies.
  2. I feed the cats.
  3. The rest of the “getting up” routine.  (Breakfast, et cetera…)
  4. I sit down and start reading this week’s book(s).
  5. About noon, I feed the cats again, then have my lunch.
  6. After lunch, I resume reading.
  7. Sixish, I feed the cats again, and have dinner.
  8. At some point in the evening, I go online, post here, maybe check my e-mail, stuff like that.
  9. Most nights, I take a bath.
  10. Otherwise, it’s more reading.  (Though I also read in the bath…)
  11. About midnight, I give the cats their bedtime feed, and go to my room for the night.
  12. Finally feeling like I’ve given my classwork its due attention, I spend an hour or so on my novels, if I have the remaining strength.
  13. I go to bed.
  14. Back to 1.

The one exception is on Sunday, when lunch is with my parents, followed by watching the new episode of “Doctor Who”.

Tuesday:  depending on the week’s reading, it can follow the Friday-Monday pattern, or the Wednesday pattern.


  1. I get up.  The timing varies.
  2. Feed the cats.
  3. Just like the other list, morning stuff.
  4. I start working on my paper.
  5. Yeah, lunch for me, lunch for the cats.  (Not in that order.)
  6. Back to work on the paper!
  7. If the paper is going well, I take some time off to go to my brother’s place and watch the previous night’s episode of “Agents of SHIELD”
  8. Feed the cats and have dinner.
  9. Hopefully by this point the paper is finished, and I can spend more leisurely time online.
  10. Bath, and other usual stuff.
  11. Same as 11-14 on the Friday-Monday list.

Thursday looks a lot like Wednesday, except the work on the paper is more in the lines of polishing, and the afternoon and early evening are taken up with going to class.

Obviously, there are exceptions to the routine.  It’s peppered with going shopping–either for groceries, cat food, or in a vain attempt to slake my insatiable urge to collect dolls–and sometimes I take time off that I can’t afford in order to play the odd video game.  Or maybe to go to a movie.  (Though there hasn’t been a whole lot of that…)  And, of course, I have to do other odd jobs around the house, like cleaning the cats’ litter boxes, doing my laundry, all that tedious stuff.

For the most part, though, the lists I just gave sum up the majority of my experiences since classes started at the end of August.

Hence the fact that most days I don’t have anything particularly interesting to post here.

I had hoped that keeping a public, daily journal like this would force me to go out and actually do things.  But that was before I realized just how long it was going to take me to do the weekly readings.  If I’m going to survive graduate school, I’ve got to find a way to read faster.  Or, more accurately, I need to find a way to read this stuff without my mind wandering off and forcing me to re-read huge paragraphs over and over again.  That’s the real drag on my time…


Life. Don’t even talk to me about it.

Published October 5, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

It’s just one of those days where I can’t even figure out what happened.  Other than a lot of time-consuming nothing.

My brother hit his head quite hard last night, so when it was still hurting this morning, he became convinced he had a concussion.  I had to go get him, drive him to one of those urgent care centers, and then I had to drive him to a different urgent care center, because the first one didn’t have a CAT scan.  Then I had to rush home and feed my cats (due to one of them having kidney issues, I have to give them canned food, which means feeding them four times a day, which gets more than a little annoying) and then hurry back to pick my brother up again.  Fortunately, the second urgent care center was actually pretty close to my house, so that wasn’t too awkward, but it was still annoying.

Then while they sent the CAT scan results to the first urgent care center (so the doctor he’d spoken to earlier could look at them) I had to take him to his place, drop him off, and go to the Target near him to get cat food, which was a royal pain, because that Target is always crazed on weekends. (But I was completely out of cat food, and it had to be Target, ’cause it’s much cheaper there than at the grocery store or the pet store.)  Then I go back to get him, and then we finally had had time to watch this week’s Doctor Who, but I couldn’t go home until the urgent care center called back to let him know if he had a concussion, or brain bleeding, or whatever else might have been causing the extended headache.

Ultimately, they finally called back around 5:00, and it turned out that nothing was wrong.

I’m glad that nothing was wrong.

But it was a colossal waste of everyone’s time.  (And rather a waste of his money, if his insurance doesn’t cover the $300+ cost of the CAT scan!)

So, in the end, I accomplished nothing today, apart from reading about 20 or so pages of the second book that’s due on Thursday.  But I didn’t write a single word of my paper, and I somehow doubt that’s going to happen at this point in the day.

Tomorrow I need to stay home, not answer the phone, not do anything other than working on that paper.  And laundry.  I have to do laundry.  But that doesn’t take all that long.  Mostly, I just have to get that paper written, or else!


It’s one of those nothing days.

Published September 17, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

Those days where you just can’t bring yourself to do anything, even though you know you’re supposed to.  And when you try, it just feels broken and not worth the bother.

Normally not a problem, but when one of the things you’re supposed to do is to finish the paper that’s due the next day, it’s kind of a disaster.

I mean, I’ve basically finished it.  No, technically, I have finished it.  I just need to edit it some more.  On account of right now it’s 6 pages and it’s not supposed to exceed 5.  But as long as I go back and paraphrase that quote about what the philosophes believed about history, that should hopefully get it down enough lines.  Because that way I get rid of a footnote as well as using fewer words.  If there’s anything left after that, I guess I’ll go and remove a few adjectives or something.  Maybe I can find a way to disparage the book’s horrendous mistakes about Homer and the Iliad in fewer words…

I actually spent more time on my Trojan War novel today than I did on my paper.  But that’s not a good thing, because I can’t help feeling like it’s 90% crap.  Maybe even more than that.  I’m a terrible judge of my own writing.  Either I think it’s awesome, or I think it’s awful.  Frequently swapping back and forth between the two, even.  Not a good situation.

The only thing I did today that felt like an accomplishment is that when I went to Barnes and Noble in killing time, I sat down and read the introduction to their new edition of The Fall of Troy.  Didn’t really point out any of the things I wanted to point out in the introduction I’ve been mentally writing to the translation I want to write someday.  Kept on gushing about how great the poem is, in fact, and how unfair it is to compare Quintus to Homer.  Okay, obviously, the introduction can’t say “yeah, this poem’s nowhere near as good as the Iliad” but I still think the guy oversold its quality a bit.  Then again, I’m pretty sure he was reading the original Greek, not the English translation that his words had been attached to, which had to help.  But the fact that there’s still that little known about Quintus’ life does kind of mean that there’s no way a mere grad student could even learn enough about him to write a thesis on the subject.  I need to look up if there’s any history of wealthy families in Smyrna and/or Pergamum who claimed descent from Neoptolemos…

But I’ll have to do that tomorrow, because right now I have to take a hasty bath and then finish fixing up my paper.  I have to leave earlier than usual tomorrow so I can talk to the professor, after all.

Repost: Meh.

Published September 11, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

Aug 30: Meh.
They always say not to go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.

They should also say not to go when you’re depressed.

Though I didn’t go nearly as overboard as I’ve sometimes done when I’m hungry, but still…

Regardless, it has been a largely boring day of trying to finish reading the last of the books that I have to write a paper on by Thursday. The irritating thing about the weekly papers is that they force me to finish the reading several days before class, instead of getting it done closer to when class meets. At least, that’s the irritating thing right now. Later in the semester, the irritating thing will probably be trying to find some way of actually doing all the reading, period. At least this time I misunderstood when the first set of books was due, and had already read one and a bit by the first class, thus a week before they were due. Unfortunately, I can’t just imitate that and always do about half the reading early, because then I wouldn’t have time to do the reading for my other class.

I wonder if I’ll get better at this as I get in the swing of being a graduate student, or if I’ll go insane.

I wonder if I’d even notice if I went insane.

Repost: I can’t get no

Published September 11, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

Aug 25: I can’t get no
It’s kind of a bad sign when the highlight of your day is the fact that they played “Satisfaction” on the radio during your drive to campus.

Not that it was a bad day, it was just surprisingly dull, especially considering that today was the first day of the semester. The class looks like it should be all right, though some of the reading is going to get heavy and/or dull. (But I already knew that.) Have to wait and see how the other class looks.

Of course, technically, the Stones weren’t actually the highlight of my day, but half the real highlight is yet to come: I realized (about five minutes before I had to leave for class) both why the Judgement of Paris sequence in my Trojan War novel wasn’t working, and how I could fix it. Requires me to re-write (from the ground up!) about half the chapter, but it should work a lot better than the version I’ve got. So the real highlight won’t be complete until I’ve done the re-write, but so far all I’ve got is about half a paragraph that I wrote shortly before class and in the mid-class break. (And that half-paragraph is on my iPad, so I’m probably just going to start over anyway, ’cause I don’t know how to get anything off my iPad. (Normally, I use Windows stuff. But there was a game I really wanted to play that was exclusive to IOS, so…I’m mostly just using it for class notes to excuse the expense of buying the thing.))

Repost: Life is Boring

Published September 11, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

Aug 22: Life is Boring
Surprisingly so, considering I’m supposed to be stressing out over going back to class on Monday and trying to get my book ready to e-publish.

But all that happened today was a failed shopping expedition to buy tennis shoes (amazing that anyone can fail to buy tennis shoes, isn’t it?) and a lot of reading the book I have to have read by Monday. I’m still a little bit appalled that I need to read a whole book before the first class. It’s not that I dislike the book, I just dislike that I’m already having to read it. Especially since I wanted to spend this last week going over my own book and finishing up the Aeneid. (I don’t want to put anything in my “Further Reading” list in the Author’s Notes to my Trojan War novel that I haven’t read myself. So I have to get through the whole Aeneid before I can have the temerity even to self-publish. I’ve already read all the other works going on that list, naturally. But previously I’d only read the parts of the Aeneid that actually involved the Trojan War, and hadn’t bothered with the rest of it, because that wasn’t really what I was interested in.)

I’ve been thinking since last night’s post that my ideal option for the cover art is to pay someone a (very modest) fee to draw a cover image for me. Something based on that ancient krater (I think it was a krater, or maybe a kylix?) only maybe if they’re really good they could swap out the 5th century armor on the combatants for 12th century (B.C. of course!) armor. I’m thinking of going to the art department on campus and seeing if there’s a bulletin board for that kind of thing. I know I could go to various places online to find an artist, but if I find someone locally then I can pay them in cash, and there won’t be any doubts on either my end or their end, you know?

Anyway, I still have about eight pages left in the amount of reading I calculated I need to get through tonight, so I should probably get back to that. (Not like anyone other than me is reading this on-line diary anyway…)

Repost: Day Two

Published September 11, 2014 by Iphis of Scyros

Aug 19: Day Two
Urgh. I didn’t accomplish anything. I almost accomplished one thing off my list for this week, but the shoe store closed at six. Who closes at six on a weekday? Anything to annoy me, I guess. But I can’t go back to class without getting new shoes, because my current pairs are all either falling apart or have no arch support, or turn my feet black because the people who made them forgot that human beings generate moisture and that dyes transfer via moisture. (That or they expected no one would want to wear their sandals barefoot.)

Well, but I’ll download my syllabi after I’m done here, so I guess that’ll be accomplishing a little something. But so tomorrow I have to go back to the freakin’ shoe shop–and they’d better be open then!–and then I’ll hopefully have time to get down to campus to pick up my books and my parking pass and stuff. And to return the library books from last semester (That’s the nice thing about being a graduate student: you get library books for about six months. Or maybe it’s only three or four months, but either way, they’re not actually due back until September!)

I feel too tired to say anything on-topic. If this thing even has an on-topic.

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