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IWSG – Frustration

Published June 6, 2018 by Iphis of Scyros

Late post, and 1st time trying to compose a post on my phone. (If my tablet wasn’t still broken, this’d be easier!)

I can’t type right now. Pinched nerve in my shoulder; my whole arm goes tingly if I try. (Fortunately, the phone is okay(ish) because of the different poses it allows.)

Haven’t been able to use my computer in a week. I may actually go insane at this rate.

Worst part is, I had just started getting the project from NaNo and April Camp ready to beg on the NaNo forums for a beta (alpha?) reader to help me figure out the structural SNAFUs before July Camp.

That is looking less and less likely now. ūüė¶


About April…

Published March 24, 2017 by Iphis of Scyros

I’m sorry to say that this year I won’t be taking part in April A-to-Z. ¬†I already had a plan in mind for this year’s A to Z by the time¬†last year’s ended, but I kept putting off working on it, and consequently instead of it all being done by January, I still haven’t made even half a start to it. ¬†And I’ve got a take-home test and a research project due in April, so there’s just no way I’d have time to do it on the fly. ¬†Not unless I was going to abandon my plan and just post anything, willy-nilly, that happened to have to do with the letter of the day. ¬†That I could do, but I’d feel like I was being half-assed, and I wouldn’t like the results.

But I’ve done a little bit of the pre-work for what I was going to do this year, so if I keep building on that, I should be able to do it¬†next year. ¬†So I’ll go ahead and tell you what I was planning, as a long-range preview.

Last year, my thing was comparative mythology, with no post-titling myth one that had been represented in video games, using the¬†Shin Megami Tensei series as my guideline about what had made it into games and what hadn’t. ¬†(Because if it hasn’t made into a¬†MegaTen game, it’s probably not in any game. ¬†Very heavy mythology and folklore basis to those games. ¬†That’s part of what I love about them.)

So what I was going to do this year was the reverse: ¬†I was going to exclusively look at mythical beings that are included in the¬†Shin Megami Tensei series (limiting myself to the games that have officially come out in English) and compare what the game says about the original myths to the original myths themselves. ¬†And then looking at how else the myths have been treated in popular culture otherwise, where applicable. ¬†I got most of the way through compiling the list of possible subjects, but no further than that. ¬†And there’s a lot that was going to go into it just from the list to the final selection, since I wanted to make sure that every major region of the world was well represented, and to make sure I had some decent sources for the original material.

And I guess that’s about all I have to say in this post. ¬†I’m only just barely beginning to actually recover from my cold/bronchitis, so things have been pretty dull around here. ¬†And I haven’t been able to go into the library to do the ludicrously massive amount of research we’re supposed to do for the take-home test, either. ¬†(Which really, really sucks, let me tell you. ¬†That take-home test is evil. ¬†It’s brain-dead, parroting busy work, appropriate to low-level undergrads, not graduate students. ¬†We should not have to put up with this garbage.)

IWSG: Conflicted

Published March 1, 2017 by Iphis of Scyros

So I’m back to being insecure again. ¬†(This, I suppose, should come as no great surprise. ¬†If I wasn’t prone to insecurity, why would I be taking part in the support group, right?)

After some SNAFU stuff on the NaNo forums regarding my nearly submitting my 2013 NaNo novel for self-pub, I made a pledge to myself that “screw it; I’m never publishing anything, and that’ll teach those jerks!” ¬†(And no, that didn’t entirely make sense even at the time. ¬†And the people in question were not trying to be jerks. ¬†(Most of them weren’t, anyway.) ¬†But it’s one of those heat-of-the-moment resolutions that becomes firm and feels permanent, because you feel like you’ll have lost if you go back on it.)

After that, I took the smart path of withdrawing from the NaNo forums for the next couple of years, but I don’t learn too good (poor grammar intended), and so I’ve been active on the forums again.

And this time the guy really was trying to be a jerk.

Basically, he said that I’ll be a racist if anyone¬†in my entire novel has a different skin color from everyone else.

Yes, he was advocating an entire planet of uniform skin color.

And he thought that was somehow less racist than having a diverse world. ¬†Ugh. ¬†(And keep in mind, I neither said anything about nor intend to introduce any ethnic stereotyping or prejudices. ¬†It’s a world very unlike our own, without our social construction of “race”. ¬†They have some prejudices, of course, but they’re based on culture and nationality. ¬†(Read any 19th century work wherein the English discuss people from other European nations, and you’ll see the kind of thing I mean.) ¬†But really even those prejudices are unlikely to come up much, because it’s a steampunk/fantasy adventure with heavy doses of m/m romance. ¬†They’re going to be much too busy flying around the world looking for the pieces of the McGuffin and flirting/having sex for weighty social issues to come up much. ¬†Because I write light escapism.)

So, because he said all this crap about the world I’m trying to put together for a series of novels I haven’t even begun to start writing yet, I feel like “now I have to publish it just to prove that f***er wrong.”

But that is in direct opposition to the 2013 doctrine of “never publish anything ever no matter what!”

Which puts me in a weird emotional bind. ¬†All the more weird considering I haven’t even named the main characters yet. ¬†(Well, it¬†kind of¬†grew out of an AU fanfic idea, so for my plotting purposes I’ve been using the names of the movie characters. ¬†Though at this point there’s not much similarity between my characters and the movie ones.)

It’s probably a moot point. ¬†I’ll probably finish the first draft of book one (assuming I ever start writing the thing) and go “wow, this is irredeemably terrible” and go back to writing other stuff. ¬†(That is, after all, what usually happens. ¬†Like my 2012 NaNo novel, the last time I tried to spin an original novel out of a fanfic idea. ¬†I was enjoying writing it at first, but by the time I was done I was just like “ugh, I never wanna see this piece of trash ever again!” and I haven’t opened the file since.)

Anyway, amusingly enough, this all kind of ties in to this month’s optional question

Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

Because that 2013 NaNo novel? ¬†It was the result when I finally got around to writing something I’d been planning since I was 18. ¬†(So the idea was almost twenty years old.) ¬†I think I¬†had actually started writing it back in the summer of my 18th year, but…not sure what ever happened to the manuscript. ¬†(And I guarantee it had zero similarity to what I eventually wrote.)

I need 600 hour days!

Published September 1, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still! ¬†There just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything I need/want to get done!


Anyway, sorry this is not the myth re-telling of the quarrel between Athene and Poseidon about who would be the guardian god(dess) of the new city that would be named Athens, whichI said last week I’d post today.

It’s just that in looking over the material, I realized I first needed to do the birth of Erecthonius (or however you spell that) and some other stuff, and…yeah, it just became complicated, and today’s class reading really wore me out, so…life conquered the planned post.

But, getting back to the title of the post, I really do need to have multiple days every day.

Read the rest of this entry →

IWSG – Post CampNaNo

Published August 3, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

Though CampNaNo is over, I don’t feel the usual release I have after the actual NaNo. ¬†Normally, by Dec. 1, I’m free of what I’ve been writing, and can move on to other things.

But this time I’m still obsessed.

Admittedly, in part that’s because I’m looking the piece over to fix the worst problems so I can send it to one of the people from my cabin as a beta reader prior to possibly posting it on a fanfic site, but that doesn’t really cover the crux of the problem: ¬†these characters haven’t let go of my brain yet.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if they were¬†my characters.

I’d try inventing original characters similar to them for an original work, but the last time I tried that (NaNo 2012) it didn’t work in any regard: ¬†by the time Dec. 1 rolled around, the characters were utterly unlike the ones they started out as, I was horribly disappointed by the book (to the extent that I’ve never once re-opened the file to have another look at it), and the new characters never took up residence in my head for a minute, not even while I was writing it.

Anyway, while I’m still afraid I’ve re-opened the fanfic floodgates (there are so many other things I want to write about these characters!), I’m trying to focus right now on what the heck I want to do in fixing this story up. ¬†(“Story,” she says. ¬†About a 155k behemoth.)

The biggest problem — other than the inconsistent pacing, lack of description, spotty characterization and dangling plot threads that are typical of me — is this one particular sequence relatively early on.

Okay, so my piece gets¬†its two romantic leads from the movie, the reporter and the rock star. ¬†(Which would be a great title for it if it was just about their romance.) ¬†At the start of the fic, the reporter is already essentially in love with the rock star, though he’s not quite prepared to use those words to describe it. ¬†And he doesn’t figure he’s ever going to¬†see the rock star again, so he’s mostly just trying not to think about him. ¬†Only then he goes to his favorite bar for a drink on Saturday night, and the rock star just happens to be there. ¬†(Which reminds me, I need to explain what the heck he was doing there…) ¬†Well, this obviously does nothing to reduce his romantic feelings for the other man, but he’s still trying to fight it. ¬†Only then, the next Saturday, he goes back to the same bar (well, it’s more of a club than a bar, actually) and runs into the rock star again. ¬†(That one I did explain.)

Now, here is where the difficulty comes in. ¬†Because by the time I was writing that scene, I already had in mind several other scenes about their relationship: ¬†two in between scenes of the reporter pining for the rock star, the scene where the rock star shows up at the reporter’s apartment completely wasted and they end up having rather unsatisfying sex, and then the first time we get the rock star’s POV which ends with them having much nicer sex. ¬†(Yeah, I know, there are a lot of problems with that.)

And the difficulty in that? ¬†Because the rock star had only gone back to that bar in the first place because he was¬†hoping¬†to run into the reporter again, in order to score with him, trying to keep them from hitting the sack together at the end of the second bar scene was so difficult that the only way I found to do it was to have four horny fangirls show up and chase the reporter away. ¬†Which isn’t very convincing (said girls being in the 18-22 range, and said rock star being 37), is awfully (in)convenient timing, and isn’t much fun to read. ¬†Plus it really ticked off the rock star (in that he felt the reporter had abandoned him to his vulture-like fans), so that when he next shows up, he’s incredibly angry (he does that) and calling the reporter some very not-nice names, to the point that it was actually physically difficult for me to write it. ¬†(He uses a particular profanity a lot in the movie, one which I really don’t like and never use myself (a very rare thing), and though I have no trouble typing it normally, because it was aimed at the reporter, it took me like half an hour to get that part of the scene written, because my fingers so didn’t want to type that.)

The real problem is that I don’t like the idea of just re-writing the scene so that the girls don’t show up and the leads hook up a bit over a week early. ¬†Because the two scenes of the reporter pining for the rock star are really…it would be going too far to say that they’re good, per se, but let’s suffice it to say that I really like them, particularly the one where he goes to a gay bar in the hopes of having a one-night stand to make him forget the rock star, only to get jealous when the sound system starts playing a love duet sung by the rock star and one of his exes. ¬†And that’s the one that can’t still be used. ¬†The other one — in which he goes to hear the rock star performing live at a local night club — could be adapted and kept, but the gay bar scene absolutely would make no sense if they’d already hooked up, and putting it before their second in-fic meeting is too soon: ¬†they only met twice in the movie (yet I am absolutely¬†not inventing the reporter’s feelings for the rock star) so for him to be¬†that obsessed¬†that quickly would be a bit much. ¬†In fact, it’s really kind of pushing it to have it after their second in-fic meeting.


Well, that’s something I’m hoping the beta reader can help me with.

I also have something like 8 or 9 temp names that need replacing with real names. ¬†Characters have temp names like Ughanother Nameneededhere and Ihate Namingcharacters. ¬†Things I can swap out easily with “find – replace”…if I can come up with names for them. ¬†(For a fanfic, it has a ludicrous number of OCs. ¬†Probably because the nature of the story requires a ton of characters for them to interact with, which the movie does not provide, particularly in the 1984 section.)

I think I had more I wanted to say, but my back is now screaming at me that it’s time to lie down, so I’m just going to cut off this rambling mess of a post here.

Tomorrow will hopefully be back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Assuming my back will let me write.

Missing Letter Monday – No “J”

Published August 1, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

Well, so I’m back from CampNaNo. ¬†(Not that I strictly speaking¬†went anywhere, but you know what I mean.) ¬†It was both an eventful month and an uneventful month, in that I did very little other than write. ¬†So it was eventful for the characters, and not so much for me. ¬†But that’s as it should be, right?

Um, okay, maybe not.



Anyone who’s been reading my blog from before I suddenly went walkabout (basically, around this May) will undoubtedly realize that I had no trouble getting to the typical NaNo 50k. ¬†Which¬†is what I put in for my Camp goal, because I didn’t really care how many word I got written. ¬†Why would I, y’know? ¬†My writing is naturally excessively verbose, so word counts have never really mattered to me; what matters is finishing the story.

And the fact that I’ve got a winner’s badge means I finished it!


On the last day.

At 155k words.

Which is probably a good five times as many words as are in the screenplay of the movie it’s a fanfic of. ¬†(Okay, actually, I have no idea how many words are typically in a screenplay. ¬†But there’s a lot of time in the movie devoted to ’70s-style music videos, and to concert performances, so it’s gotta have fewer words than most.)

The dialog is bloated, the descriptions virtually non-existent (seriously), subplots I planned to include are introduced and then forgotten, a large chunk of time was devoted to one romantic lead pining for the other while assuming he’d never be interested even though I had to literally wedge a handful of horny college coeds in between them to keep them from getting it on in their previous scene together, and the two leads undoubtedly spend more time out of character than in it. ¬†(Though in my defense on that last part, going all ooc with Curt was an inevitability, because he spent 90% of his screen time silent, singing, stoned or in a fit of rage. ¬†There wasn’t much time for him to be particularly well characterized. ¬†Also, I put both characters in all kinds of weird situations that the movie absolutely did not prepare them to deal with. ¬†Er, didn’t prepare me to know how they would deal with them?) ¬†Also, I’m sure that most of Arthur’s dialog and POV narration is entirely too American for an English character, and probably there are tons of anachronisms all over the place. ¬†(Hey, I turned¬†9 in the year it’s taking place. ¬†I don’t remember much!)

I actually had more trouble finishing than I should have, which is probably why the ending is rushed and o’er hasty. ¬†Because I pretty much lost all of this past Thursday. ¬†I was stretching my back on Wednesday night, trying to the get the “I’ve been writing all month and my back is killing me” kinks out of it. ¬†My favorite stretch is simply to bend down and touch my toes, holding for a while in that position. ¬†(Yeah, lame, I know.) ¬†Anyway, there I was, at midnight on Wednesday, standing on my bed (probably where the problem came in) to touch my toes, and it felt like something shifted sideways. ¬†It hurt so badly I felt nauseous, and I kept wiggling my toes to make sure that my spine was still connected; I was seriously afraid that I had shifted a vertebra out of position and was in danger of severing my spinal column at any moment.

Obviously, it wasn’t anything so terrifying. ¬†It was some kind of muscle thing. ¬†I went in to an Urgent Care place the next morning for some X-rays, and it was diagnosed as back strain/sprain, and they gave me some prescriptions for pain pills, and told me to spend the next couple of days lying on my back with my knees bent for as much time as possible.

I can’t write in that position.

Even worse, my father had been champing at the bit for me and my brother to come over and watch the “Ultimate Edition” Blu-Ray of¬†Batman v Superman with him, because he hates watching anything alone and my mother didn’t want to waste three hours of her life on that. ¬†(While I don’t blame her, in theory, she didn’t actually use that time for anything to speak of.) ¬†I was¬†not¬†in the right frame of mind for that…though it may be that there is no such thing as the right frame of mind for that, particularly for me. ¬†(And if it turns out¬†Suicide Squad isn’t worth watching, then that was a total waste of my time, since that was the only reason I agreed in the first place.)

Anyway, I did do a tiny bit of writing Thursday night.  Then on Friday I spent all day alternating between brief periods of writing lying on my back moaning.  Not really a lot of fun.

And then Saturday and Sunday I had to work. ¬†And on Sunday they went and closed off the main¬†east-west street I use to get to work, and it took me¬†half an hour to find a go-around! ¬†I know it’s partially my own fault for not taking highways, but they’re not actually that much of a time-saver: ¬†it takes about 33 minutes by street to get from my house and the museum, and getting home on the highway on Sunday evening took about 20 minutes. ¬†So, yeah, there’s¬†some time savings there, but not a significant amount. ¬†And some lunatic in an SUV almost killed me because he decided he wanted to get over two lanes and didn’t bother looking to see if anyone was, you know,¬†in¬†one of them! ¬†(Why is it that the worst drivers are always the ones in the gigantic vehicles that are guaranteed to kill anyone they hit?)

Okay, so, lengthy rambling needs to stop now, because my back is telling me it’s time to lie down again.

Oh, btw, in the week that I missed?  I came back and found 48 posts I needed to read.  Which is why this post is going up now and not three hours ago.  (And no, I did not spend those three hours sitting up.  I was lying on my back to read those posts.)

Anyway, I hope to return to my usual content soon.  Though possibly not as quickly as I had initially hoped, what with the whole back thing.

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Missing Letter Mondays – No “D”

Published June 20, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros


My house mostly no longer stinks.
(It’s just a hint in the hallway now.)
But I’m listless now.
I’ve been off-line for a week.
(38 posts to check out!)
It’s going to be onerous,
Trying to resume on-line life.

I may start posting excerpts,
From my current Work-In-Progress.
It’s been going more slowly,
Because of the excessive heat
(The problem of having only a laptop)
But I feel like some of it’s fun,
Maybe even worthwhile.
(Only maybe, though.
It must not be forgotten that I suck.)

This heat is the biggest issue, though.
My AC is…well, not broken.
It runs.  It runs just fine.
(Much better than the neighbors’!)
But it has this thing going on.
If I run it too long,
Water seeps through the vent,
Soaks the filter,
Softens it,
Until the filter is a knot
Halfway into the furnace.
But I can’t call for a repair.
Not right now.
So I have to let it got hot in here,
Saving the AC for short bursts.
I have ceiling fans, but…
They only go so far.

Writing is mostly out,
Gaming is having trouble keeping my attention.

I can’t help it.

I’m just listless.

(Also, I seem to obsess about sex more than usual in the past week…)

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Forget the format:  this is a genuine report on my current situation.

IWSG – Not a lot to say, really

Published March 2, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

Another double post Wednesday! ¬†(Yeah, that’s going to keep up for a number of months, until I get rid of my ever-growing backlog of quotes.)

Anyway, it’s been a very slow month for me as a writer. ¬†Like, deadly slow. ¬†I haven’t had much time for writing, not writing fiction, anyway. ¬†I have to spend a lot of time reading for class, and I have a paper due every week, which doesn’t help.

But I think it’s also just that I’m not really very motivated to write right now. ¬†It’s this NaNo novel that’s been hanging over my head since November. ¬†I don’t want to abandon it, but I’m not sure I can finish it. ¬†It’s not that I don’t know what happens next, or even that the next scene is going to be all that hard to write. ¬†Well, it’ll be hard in one sense, since I’ll have to describe things, and that’s my biggest weakness. ¬†But there’s no painful emotions in the scene. ¬†After I got through all the turbulence of Ashley having to come out to his best friend at the same time as he confesses his love for him, and then the ensuing whirlwind…writing the characters discovering ¬†the now-ancient ruins of a far-future weapons factory shouldn’t be that difficult.

But I just can’t get up the interest to write it. ¬†I’ve started re-reading everything I’ve written so far, in the hopes of renewing my interest, but it’s not working. ¬†I think the problem is that the novel is incompatible with the characters I invented it for.

I’ve gone into aspects of this before in my IWSG posts, so I’ll just summarize. ¬†Because Ashley and Paddy were taking over my brain, I thought I could exorcise them by making them the stars of their own novel. ¬†But I didn’t want to write the gruesome story of the deaths originally planned for them (couldn’t have written it even if I’d wanted to, in fact), and I¬†knew I wasn’t up to the challenge of writing a realistic novel about their struggles to come to terms with their love and fit into a society that wasn’t ready to embrace homosexuality. ¬†Even if I was a mature enough person to write something that serious and down to earth, the required research into the late 1960s or the early 1970s would have taken far too long.

So I gave them a new setting. ¬†In the original version, it was already established that they had fought in Vietnam, so I had them in a helicopter that went through a timeslip and ended up in the super-distant future. ¬†I think the setting and explanation I came up with are kind of interesting, and it might make a nice story in someone else’s hands. ¬†However, I’m spending as much time on the romance between the two leads as I am on the story, and the romance is totally freakin’ irrelevant to the story (as well as being utterly unrealistic). ¬†And, perhaps worse, this story is just not the right place for these two characters. ¬†They belong in the real world, not a distant future filled with all sorts of oddities. ¬†(A strange statement considering they were originally dead backstory characters for a goofy, anime-inspired, reincarnation-and-robots novel.)

I don’t know what to do with the realization that my characters and my novel are incompatible. ¬†I can’t just delete them from it and go on without them. ¬†Among other reasons, none of the other soldiers from Vietnam are men whose heads I can get inside. ¬†The one of them I like best, Caesar, is the brother of a Black Panther, so he’s paranoid that the brass were always watching him, expecting him to be doing undercover work for his brother. ¬†As a white woman of a much later era, I could never get into his mindset enough to write his POV; I know my limits, and that’s way past them. ¬†One of the others is an uneducated country boy, and then there’s the career military NCO, two more I’d never be able to understand. ¬†So right now the only other character I can give a POV is Ricki, the time-displaced 80s girl. ¬†If I were to remove Ashley and Paddy, I’d have to invent two new people to put in their place. ¬†And, honestly, if I did that, I think I’d also do myself a favor and get rid of the whole “helicopter over Vietnam” thing, and make it a small plane somewhere in the US. ¬†Caesar could still be there, as is, perhaps having just been discharged from his military service. ¬†And the country boy wouldn’t require any change except that he’d be a civilian instead of a soldier. ¬†The NCO would have to go, unless he was maybe someone who trained new troops stateside. ¬†But with such a massive re-write…ack. ¬†I think I’d want to finish draft one before I tried it, but I don’t think I¬†can finish draft one. ¬†(Catch-22 and back where we started…)

I had, for a brief time, been pretty charged up about the experiment I wrote about last month. ¬†I even made up a lot of characters, some great story details, and I had a blast making up all sorts of totally useless superpowers for the squad of losers who make up the male lead’s gang. ¬†I even wrote the first, I dunno, couple hundred words. ¬†Just a bit that came to me and was really fun. ¬†(That reminds me, I was thinking of posting some of it on the blog at some point.) ¬†My enthusiasm wore down a little, though, perhaps in part because I kept telling myself to finish the NaNo novel first. ¬†I’m pretty sure I could get the enthusiasm back quickly enough, but¬†should I? ¬†I mean, shouldn’t I finish the other one first?

I dunno. ¬†Maybe it doesn’t even matter. ¬†I mean, it’s not like I have a lot of time for it. ¬†Between class, museum work, and blogging, I have very little time for anything else. ¬†(Though blogging will take up less time after I finish researching for April A-to-Z. ¬†Slightly less, anyway. ¬†Maybe I spend too much time on my blogs…)

It doesn’t help, of course, that my arm is getting worse, and it’s now painful to try to type in most positions. ¬†I’ve been put on new medication, which hasn’t helped, they did another MRI, which revealed nothing, and now I’m scheduled for a spinal tap next week, so they can find out if this is MS or something else. ¬†(I’m rooting for it to be something else. ¬†From what little I’ve read, I really don’t want to have MS.) ¬†I don’t want to go through such a horrible procedure, but if it lets them figure out what’s wrong with me and thus enables them to fix it, then it’ll be worth it. ¬†But I’m told I’ll need to spend 48 hours or more afterwards just lying down and recovering. ¬†Which is a problem, because lying down makes my arm worse. ¬†Maybe I can lie down on my back and read, holding the book up at arm’s length. ¬†That might work. ¬†Maybe.

Ugh. ¬†My life sucks at the moment. ¬†That’s the short version.

IWSG – Uncertainty, as usual

Published January 6, 2016 by Iphis of Scyros

I am¬†still working on the NaNo novel from this past November. ¬†I barely got¬†anything done over December. ¬†Well, I¬†did manage to get through some important stages in the romance between the two leads, but it’s probably the #1 most unrealistic romance I’ve ever written. ¬†(And they’ve all been unrealistic.) ¬†Obviously, since it’s only a super-rough draft, that’s not a¬†huge issue (and it’s even less of an issue because I’ll probably never touch it again, let alone let anyone see the danged thing) but it annoys me that this relationship which was in many ways the reason I wrote the thing in the first place is so terribly handled.

Of course, I’m in a weird place for writing relationships, having never had one. ¬†And even if I¬†had had any, as I’m a woman, I can’t possibly have taken part in any male same-sex relationships. ¬†(Not in this lifetime, anyway. ¬†But as I have no past life memories, it wouldn’t help even if I had been in such relationships in a previous life.) ¬†So obviously the romance¬†between Ashley and Paddy was always going to be awkward and unrealistic. ¬†If I ever feel like I’m going to be able to give writing a serious go as a career move (unlikely), I’ll have to invest in reading a lot of fiction with strong emphasis on the romances, and make sure I read books with all three variants. ¬†(Technically, I’m sure there are romantic variants other than M/F, F/F, and M/M, but they’re probably a bit more, uh, rare. ¬†To say the least.) ¬†Not necessarily romance novels as such, just ones where it’s a larger part of the story than most of what I read. ¬†Okay, technically, at this stage in my life, most of what I read is non-fiction, so that’s kind of a…um….ack.

Why am I trying to write fiction, anyway?

I totally suck at it.

Furthermore, I have very little time, and all my reading hours end up getting devoted to non-fiction, whether for my classes, for my eventual thesis, or just because there’s so much amazing research out there I want to know about. ¬†But reading non-fiction takes longer than reading fiction (usually), and I have so much else on my slate…

Y’know, this isn’t what I was going to be talking about today at all. ¬†I intended to talk about my lack of style and failure to grasp the basics of story construction.

And now, after a 24 hiatus in the pre-writing of this post, I feel more like talking about my idiotic need to come up with story ideas at the slightest provocation. ¬†Which, I suppose, answers the question of “why am I trying to write fiction, anyway?” ¬†Because I come up with ideas — some of which would probably be really good if written by someone not-me — and I want to see them come to life in some manner, and I keep hoping that if I try hard enough, eventually I’ll attain some small degree of skill in the craft. ¬†(So far, that has not happened. ¬†And I’ve been writing, in one form or another, for more than twenty years.)

So I guess I write out of a compulsion to do so. ¬†Much like almost everything else in my life, when it comes right down to it; I seem utterly unable to deny acting on these urges. ¬†(Lucky none of my compulsions are to do things that are illegal!) ¬†I just wish, considering the time I end up devoting to it, that I was actually¬†good at it. ¬†As it stands, it’s nearly a complete waste of time. ¬†(The one way it isn’t a waste is that I’d probably need therapy if I couldn’t write. ¬†Or need it enough to actually force me to get some, that is; I undoubtedly need therapy already.)

Okay. ¬†I’ve randomly whined for too long now.

So I’ll stop.

IWSG – NaNo Failure

Published December 2, 2015 by Iphis of Scyros

For the first time, I’ve failed NaNo.

In the future, anyone who chances upon my profile will see four wins followed by a loss. ¬†They might think something like “Oh, what a shame she messed up after so many successes!”

Of course, if they click further and look at the stats for the failed novel, then they’ll probably ask themselves “Why in the name of sanity didn’t she validate her novel if she had 87,474 words?!”

Well, the obvious answer is that to me, the goal of NaNo isn’t to write 50,000 words. ¬†To me, the goal is to write a complete novel.

And I didn’t do that.

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