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Writing Prompt Session 5 (this one is crazy)

Published June 29, 2019 by Iphis of Scyros

So, fifth session with Pitchstorm as a writing prompt.  This was yesterday morning before work.  (Meant to post it last night, but stuff happened.)

The Cards

Character:  A nun with a scandalous secret

Plot:  fights a huge angry bear.

Notes:  It needs more sexting…  My assistant tells me that’s in with the kids.

(Needless to say, the “Notes” card came from the NC-17 expansion pack.  One of the backer-suggested cards, too.)

The Story!

Sister Sally sat slowly on the devout divan, delighting in the delay.  (And then apologized to herself and to God for her appalling alliterating.)

It was a hard life, being a nun in Zootopia.  In no small part because no one seemed to know or care that religion was a thing.

As she waited for the train, she became aware of yelling from further in the station.  Heaving herself back onto her hooves, she ambled in the direction of the fracas, and found a particularly large bear in a ferocious argument with an oddly top-heavy tiger whose fur seemed to have glitter in it.  “Calm yourselves, my children,” Sally begged moving between them.  “What is this argument all about?”

“This disgusting pervert was taking pictures of his tail and sending it over text messaging!” the bear insisted, pointing one of her claws at the tiger.

“I told you it was an accident!” the tiger replied.  “My paw slipped!”

“Is that what they believe in your part of the world?” the bear retorted, putting her paws on her hips.  “Because in the forest we’re not that gullible.  Go on, pull the other one.”

“But it’s the truth,” the tiger moaned.  “Why would I be sending dirty pictures of myself to random strangers?”  He shook  his head, then glanced at his watch.  “Please, I’m going to be late to rehearsal at this rate.”

“We all make mistakes,” Sister Sally said, smiling at the bear.  “Whether his was an accident or intentional, he is plainly sorry it happened.  Can you not find it in yourself to forgive?”

“Keep out of this, black-n-white,” the bear snarled.

Something snapped inside Sally, as it always used to before she found religion.  Didn’t that bear know how badly a zebra could be bullied?  Didn’t she understand how painful it was to be teased about coloration she could do nothing about?  It wasn’t that she couldn’t decide between black and white—she was just born that way!

Before Sally knew what she was doing, she was swinging her hooves at the bear’s face.  By the time she came to, the tiger was holding her back, and she seemed to be screaming wordlessly at the bear, who was likewise being restrained by passersby.

Sally’s brain didn’t really start functioning again until she was sitting in the back of the police car, once more on her way to the lock-up.

If there had been other nuns, they would surely be deeply disappointed in her.  So maybe it was for the best that she had been forced to create a convent to fill her religious needs…

And as soon as I finished writing it, I followed it up (after a dashed line to show the end of the story) with “omg wtf was that?”  Because I really don’t know where that came from.

Okay, it probably came from having binge-watched most of season 2 of Aggretsuko the previous night.  (Because I always find myself thinking that said anime is Japan’s answer to Zootopia.)  And yet, wouldn’t it have made more sense if I’d set it in Retsuko’s Tokyo than in Zootopia?  I dunno, I just don’t get it.  This was one of those cases where my fingers were typing away and my brain was sort of in disconnect with them, left reeling by what they came up with.  (Are my hands possessed?)

On a more sane note, things may go differently on this blog in the following month, because I’m doing Camp NaNo this July.  So, actually, they may go back to the former normal of “dead silence.”  After a post tomorrow about my Pride Month reading, and of course the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post on Wednesday.  But then there may not be much going out until August.  Or I might keep posting writing prompts if I’m needing them.  (Though I’m hoping to get the last of the myths written up to accompany my NaNo novel from…ack, two years ago?  Good grief, I need to stop mucking about and get that thing in the hands of a second beta reader so I can be done with it and move on to the sequel, or the story will never be finished!  Also hoping to write a fanfiction cross-over I’ve had in mind for a while now.)

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