With a year of daily posts, it’s easy for stuff to get lost.  Potentially interesting stuff.  So I’m making this page to sort out the things I think people will be most interested in reading.  (Or, for that matter, the stuff I think I might want to remind myself that I wrote.)

Separated by topic, and sometimes with additional info.  Because.


Mythological Topics

(Not counting myth re-tellings, since they have their own page.  A lof the Scholastic section is also mythological, though…)

Achilles is a Slut” – One of my earliest posts (from when I was trying to use Blog.com instead of WordPress) but it still pops up on the recently viewed list from time to time.  Some of it’s a bit out of date as far as my perceptions of myths and my knowledge of same, but…accuracy is hardly the point here.

Tiresias Was Wrong!

You’re killin’ me, Will!” – My reaction to the first appearance of the Greeks onstage in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.  My reactions to the play changed later on…

Complications, as always” – I’m putting this here, but it could as easily go under “Scholastic Topics” since I spend a long time talking about my final paper for that semester…which was all about sexuality and gender roles as pertaining to the depictions of Achilles.  So the mythology is front and center on this one.

My Dream TV Show” – In which I describe the ultimate TV drama:  the Trojan War, in all its grim, gruesome, sexually-charged glory.  (But only if done right!  If done wrong, it would suck royally!)  This one, of course, has to be accompanied by its sequel post “I forgot about Penthesileia” in which I redress the wrong stated in the title.

Mythic Origins” – An important post I’ve wanted to refer back to several times, though sometimes I think I got too lazy for it.  It talks about the bereavement/vengeance cycle that Achilles goes through for both Patroclos and Antilochos, and which came first, and touches on some concepts of the origins of the Trojan War myth.

Starting the year right” – My first post of 2015, where I decided to start on the right foot by talking about the Trojan War.  Specifically, why the “Helen ran away with Paris because she loved him” explanation is utter rot.  I also suggest several possible tacks a writer could take to explain her departure to Troy without using the intervention of the gods and without having to resort to the stupid “love” explanation.

The Truth about Zeus and Hades” – This is apparently one of my most popular posts, because it keeps coming up on the “Top Posts (the past week)” list.  It’s one I’m pretty proud of, so I’m glad people are reading it.  It’s about my theories regarding the earliest connections between the two brother gods.

The White Island and the last descendant of King Priam” – Another important post, which I’ve referred back to several times.  (In fact, my need to check on what was in it for a recent post was what made me decide to start working on this page now.)

Thesis musings” – While this could go under Scholastic, I think it fits in more here.  It’s talking about how I’m trying to organize my observations about 3000 years of literary and artistic representations of Achilles’ masculinity into an actual thesis.  (A literature review isn’t trying to answer a question/prove anything, so it’s not a thesis.)

C is for Cleopatra (No, not that one!)” – Okay, I’m using a short cut here.  Because my entire April A-to-Z is about Greek mythology, and I don’t want to have to do this for every single one of them.  So I’m just posting the link to this one (because I’m not doing these links to Words Crush Wednesday posts, or to myths, and April 1 was on a Wednesday, so Friday the 3rd was the first free-style post.)  So if you want to check out the others, go to this one and cycle through, or hit this link to see all the posts I’ve tagged as being part of April A-to-Z.

About my myth re-tellings” – What I want to do with them when they’re all written.  And the reference book I want to compile.

At the Antique Mall” – Honestly, I still want to go back and buy that thing.  It is too funny.

The Ahhiyawa Texts” – Technically, this is more archaeology than mythology, but…close enough, considering my interest in the Hittite texts is trying to look for the archaeological/historical origins of certain myths.  Kind of a book review, but kind of not.

Random mythological thought” – About my favorite Achaian, Patroclos.  It’s only about four lines long, though.  I didn’t have much to say on the day I posted this.

Achilles, Patroclos and their Special Bond” – This might actually go under “Writing Topics,” really.  Or under “Scholastic Topics,” since it’s one of the off-shoots of the first of my “Book Reports.”  This post talks about the relationship between Achilles and Patroclos, as a particular Aischylos fragment may illuminate it, and how that new dynamic would alter everything about their relationship in some of my fiction involving them.  So it’s mythology, it’s my personal fiction-writing, and it’s scholastic.  Oh, and sexuality.  Lots of issue overlap here.  (Um, not that I have a section on this list for sexuality…)

The Battle for Patroclos” – A writer’s perspective on the reason there was a day-long pitched battle over Patroclos’ corpse in the Iliad.  It’s not what the typical classicist might come up with…

The Twisted Tale of Tiresias” – In response to a pared-down version of Tiresias’ story that excised Hera’s role (how do you do that?), I analyze the myth a bit, and pull back to try to look at just why there even is a myth about who enjoys sex more in the first place anyway.

Snakes, Serpents and Dragons (In Greek Myth)” – Idle speculation on a potential research topic in Greek mythology.  (So I could have put this under “Scholastic” if I’d wanted…)  I totally want to research this at some point.  Maybe for my doctoral thesis……nah, that probably wouldn’t work out too well.  More likely just something I’ll research for fun at some point.  Given what my Master’s Thesis is going to be, snakes would probably seem too tame by comparison.  Maybe I’ll do this for my Doctoral Thesis.  (Assuming I ever get to the PhD level of study…)


Scholastic Topics

History is written by the…”  – It may not be a popular post, but I like it.  It has one of my favorite crazy tags:  platitudes-must-die

Today, a quote.” – There was this great Sartre quote in a book I was selling back, so I quoted it on my blog so I wouldn’t need to keep the book.  I’m not sure if that was sensible or stupid.  The quote’s great either way, of course.

I can’t get away with it, can I?” – Wherein I use the tag you-can’t-say-that-in-academia (because I love crazy tags that no one else would ever use or search for…which somewhat defeats the purpose of a tag, of course).  Technically, this could go under mythology, but…it’s more focused on the academic aspects of the paper than on the mythological ones.  (Though that is perhaps a “six of one, half dozen of the other” type situation…)

Homophone Trouble” – This post is so important to me that I gave it a banner on my sidebar!  It’s not very popular, though.  It’s chock full of examples of homophone mistakes I’ve seen in either student-written papers I’ve had to read for class, or in published works.  Some are as simple as the ubiquitous “its”/”it’s” and “your”/”you’re” mistakes, while some are pretty uncommon.  And all have provided example sentences of how the homophones are supposed to be used.  Though the example sentences start being taken over by undead werewolves after a while…

Love of varying sorts” – Doesn’t sound like it, from the title, but it’s mostly about “The Greeks and Greek Love,” which I was reading at the time I posted this.

Book Report:  The Greeks and Greek Love” – The first in my “Book Report” series.  I had fun playing with the “Book Report” title, y’know?  Anyway, given how long the book is–645 pages–it’s surprising that this book report isn’t longer…but that’s probably because I had a bunch of other stuff I had to say about it that I left for other posts.  Spoiler:  awesome book.

Three Book Reports” – Yep, three for one special on Book Reports.  An unnecessary book report on To Kill A Mockingbird, one on The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Suffrage and Scandal in the Gilded Age by Myra MacPherson, a dual biography of two really interesting sisters from the Victorian era, and one on Whores, Harlots & Wanton Women by Petrina Brown, which…uh, well, it’s different.  Very badly named, among other things.  (That reminds me, I still haven’t posted a review on Amazon like I meant to…)

Julius Caesar and the Pirates” – No, it’s not about any Asterix books.  It’s about a story told in antiquity by C. Iulius Caesar himself, regarding his abduction by pirates as a youth.  Plus my own brief thoughts regarding what that implies about Caesar and the Roman mindset, as well as my curiosity towards the details we don’t have.

Book Report:  The Death and Afterlife of Achilles” – With a title like that, how could I have resisted?  This book report is, unfortunately, hampered by the fact that I waited a full two months between reading the book and writing my response to it.  I gotta not do that in the future.  (Ack, that was a grammatically horrible sentence!)

History is stranger than fiction.” – Actually, I may make this into the first of a series.  Things that really happened that are too much and would never work in a novel.  This one is about the South American Wars of Independence…in which the Americans spend more time fighting each other than fighting the Spanish.


Writing Issues

Problems and plans about my fiction writing.

The real thing my writing needs…

Looking (far) ahead to a re-write” – Which would also fit under mythology.  And history, if I had a history section.

Still have writer’s block” – I did eventually finish the scene that was blocking me then.  Still haven’t finished that book, though…

A crossroads?

This is somewhat ironic.”  – Though the really ironic part is that the realization I came to that day about how to get past the roadblock in my novel has not helped me, because I haven’t been able to get out of the scene I was in when I had that realization.

Uncertain Purpose” – While it’s kind of a general “my life sucks” post, I do spend a while talking about my quasi-Young Adult series.

Out of the ordinary for Wednesday” – My first post in the Insecure Writers Support Group.  Very long.  A lot of it’s been said on here before, in fact, but here it is all in one place.  Every reason I think my writing will never amount to anything.  (Yes, I realize no one would ever want to read that.  But it’s a handy link for me to have for next month, so I don’t end up saying the same things again!  Ack…that’s coming up pretty soon…)

Why do I do this?” – About my irritating tendency to come up with plots for things that I’m incapable of writing decently, and/or don’t have time to write, and/or that it would just be silly to write.

Storyteller Questions” – A series of questions I came across on the Multicolored Diary, about diversity in one’s storytelling repertoire, which I here ask myself at length, both about my own myth-related quasi-YA novels, and about Greek myths in general.

Plot up for adoption” – A plot idea I had when watching the movie “Seventh Son” which I’ll never use, but I thought maybe someone else could.  In theory, it could turn out to be the kernel of something pretty good, I’d think, in the hands of a good writer.  (In other words, not in my hands.)

IWSG – Stagnation” – A lot like the first post under “Writing Issues” actually…

IWSG – Am I still a writer at all?” – Quickly leaves the title topic and goes on to talk about how and why I get taken over by characters, and the novel I’ll write for this year’s NaNo, if I participate.  (The IWSG people who read it only commented on the beginning and ignored the rest.  I guess it got too weird for them…)



They’re not mythology, they’re not scholastic, and they’re not silly, so they don’t fit into the normal topics.  But there’s something about these posts that I don’t want to get entirely lost.

The (often overlooked) importance of context” – A screening of the 1931 German film Vampyr led me to some thoughts on context and how often it’s ignored, and how sad that is.

Ulrich von Lichtenstein” – Okay, this is kind of scholastic, but…mostly it’s just about the surprising fact that dear William’s nom-de-lance in A Knight’s Tale was actually the name of a real person.

In lieu of the assignment” – A “game” of match-the-quotations using all the books that were stacked on the back of my sofa at the time.  (Yes, I used my sofa as a bookshelf.  So what?)

Sexism or Incompetence?” – You be the judge.  The conclusion of a number of annoyed, ranting posts about my car troubles.

The Creepiest Room in the Library

Book Roundup” – A listing of the latest books to be added to my bookshelf at the time of writing.  Which will probably give you a good idea why I have trouble writing fiction…

It seems like a few things got lost along the way…” – It was supposed to be about Back to the Future, Part 2 and Tomorrowland, but somehow it turned into a rant about Doctor Who

The Passive Man, Unchanging Times, and Fujoshi” – I think I did pretty well at tackling this serious topic, considering I’d been off my head all day due to a medication increase.  Um, that medication increase is pretty important, though.  Because in order to get to the gender role presentation of male homosexuality in Japanese pop culture I had to go through ancient Greek social customs and Shakespeare first.  And I’m not sure all my logic was actually logical.  (Because I’m still off my head while writing this.)

What helmet would you wear?” – The places my mind goes when I’m on heavy medication.  They’re not pretty.  I mean, my mind goes there anyway, but not quite as intensely or depressively.

Random Craziness

I wonder if they get it?” – I don’t think they do.  In fact, I don’t think they even want to.  Whenever I start talking about this in public with my brother, he freaks out and worries that men will beat him up for it, being unwilling to hit me since I’m a woman.  (I’m not sure what century he’s living in…)  Some men are just too touchy about the obvious homoerotic aspects of their manly pastimes.

Just hang up the phone and live already!” – In which I vent at length about the people who can’t stop talking on the phone, even in the bathroom.

The Ultimate Online Bookstore” – Wishful thinking of the highest order.  (Well, maybe not the highest order…it doesn’t involve any sexy naked men…)

ARRRRGH!” – What is bitter irony?  In a post so short?  That I don’t remember what prompted it.

Human observation” – AKA people watching at the mall food court.

Tags – The Weird and the Underused” – Which I think I meant to keep updating at the time, then I never did… (Though I did create the tag “crazy-tag-101” and add it to all the posts with weird tags, so it wasn’t as necessary to update it…)

Maybe I need my hearing checked?” – Rude questions are rude.

More rule-breaking” – While it’s technically a complaint about some things that were ticking me off in a “Professor Layton” game, I think some of my alternate suggestions for the puppet show are pretty funny…

Random Thoughts from the Past Week” – A couple of them are pretty interesting.  The first one, about the post office, and about half-way through, about the tax preparation center I drove past on the way to my brother’s place.

The Voices Inside My Head” – Inspired by the trailers for Inside Out, a brief skit about what the little people living inside my own head must be like.  Decidedly PG-13.  (The language is clean, but some of the concepts…)

The original e-mail?” – Wherein I forget that “stop” used to have another meaning…

MRIs Over and Random Thoughts” – The random thoughts involving an upcoming movie are kind of amusing.  Though I think the gay porn parody would probably be the better movie…

Father’s Day and stuff like that” – In which I mostly talk about an episode of the “Buck Rogers” television series.  (The one from the 1980s, mind you, not the Sci-Fi channel thing from a few years back.)  Weirdly, all the “related content” links at the bottom of the post are about the Theban cycle.  I’m not sure why that is.  I mean, I know I don’t have many posts talking about sci-fi or Captain America, but…Thebes?  Really?  I’m not sure what makes WordPress see a connection there.

Randomness” – A collection of brief, random tidbits, accumulated over about three months.

Additionally, there’s a sub-page (which doesn’t currently seem to be accessible from the menu on this theme) about crazy searches that have shown up on my dashboard.  You can find that here.

Another sub-page has been added, copying the text of spam messages I’ve been getting on my blog since Nov. 30.  Well, just the ones that Askimet is unsure of and puts in the spam queue.  (Who knows what the text of the ones it is sure of might be!)  That page is here.

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